What was G-SWAP?

G-SWAP is a new trading network that brings local businesses together to trade resources.


There are a lot of great business networks in and around Wellington County!  We know because we take part in many of them. But G-SWAP is truly a different kind of network.  We are the only business network focused on turning your unused resources into assets, increasing your trading clients, and helping you reduce your expenses by trading for the things you need. 


Here's an overview of what we do and what you get: 

We get to know you and your business:  One of the first things we do is meet with you personally. We work with you to determine all the goods and/or services you can offer for trade on G-SWAP's trade exchange, and how best to market them. We also look at your purchasing needs over the next 12 months so you can save money in other areas by trading for the things you need.

We create new value from your current resources:  Most businesses have some professional time, services or inventory that is currently going to waste during slow periods or that is being sold at reduced prices. Stop! G-SWAP turns these into valuable tradeable assets. Instead of allowing your goods and services to go to waste, you can trade them for goods and services you need to grow your business and meet your personal goals – such as accounting and bookkeeping, digital marketing and website design, hair and beauty services, landscaping, photography and video marketing, mental health care, physical fitness, to name just a few. Trading your excess goods and services not only helps generate new revenue for your business, it also helps grow your local clients and reduce your cash expenses.

We advertise and market your business: G-SWAP makes sure members can find what you are offering. Your business gets a directory listing in G-SWAP's trade exchange where members can search and find you by category. Your new products/services are featured at the top of G-SWAP's trade exchange so members can quickly see your new offerings. We share your new offerings in weekly and quarterly newsletters. And, your business is set-up with a shareable profile page on G-SWAP's website so you can let others know you welcome G-SWAP barter trades.

We bring you new clients:  G-SWAP is committed to bringing you new business. We get to know your business and actively find trades for you. We reach out personally to members that have expressed an interest in goods/services your business offers so we can direct business your way.

For more information on member benefits and for a detailed description of how G-SWAP Trading Network works, please read our G-SWAP Benefits page and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 

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