Special Thanks

Planning, organizing and launching G-SWAP Trading Network would not have been possible without the support of a number of people and organizations. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to:

Thank you Chong Kee Tan, Co-Founder of Bay Bucks Trading Network in the San Francisco Bay Area, for inspiring us, for sharing resources with us, and for your patience with all our questions.

Bay Bucks Trading Network


Thank you Katherine Cavan, Associate at Miller Thomson LLP in Guelph, for your research on barter exchanges and working with us to develop G-SWAP’s trading, website, and privacy policies.  

Miller Thomson (Guelph)


Thank you Adam Thompson, Senior Tax Manager at BDO in Guelph, for your research on modern barter exchanges and barter tax implications, and for your ongoing support with barter accounting.  

BDO (Guelph)


Thank you Adam Morris, local Graphic Designer and owner of Adam Morris Graphic Design, for your support in designing the G-SWAP website. Your expertise and guidance made developing our website a breeze.

Adam Morris Graphic Design


Thank you to the staff at Business Centre Guelph-Wellington, for encouraging us to enrol in the Business Centre Start-up course. The market research and business plan developed in the course significantly influenced G-SWAP’s planning and direction. 

Business Centre Guelph-Wellington


Thank you Kristel Manes – Executive Director of Business Centre Guelph-Wellington and former Director, Innovation Centre at Innovation Guelph – for your business planning workshop and for introducing us to IG resources and networking.  

Innovation Guelph


Thank you Sergei Serdyuk, NexTrade360 Developer, for your guidance in setting-up G-SWAP’s online trading platform. Sergei is Lead Developer at Red Leaf Software LLC in Vermont and developer of the NexTrade360 software, which G-SWAP uses as its trading platform.

Thanks to the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), for numerous resources on bartering and modern barter exchanges, which helped us in our planning and development.

International Reciprocal Trade Association


And thank you to the 80 local business owners who generously provided feedback on the idea of a trade exchange in Guelph-Wellington. Your questions, suggestions and input encouraged us, challenged us, and made our planning stronger.

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