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Join us in creating a local trading network! 


G-SWAP is a new trading network bringing local businesses together to trade what they have, for what they need. We are looking for businesses who want to develop more meaningful local business relationships and that have something to trade (goods or services) with other local businesses. Close to 30 local businesses have joined in our efforts to build a trading network and we would like you to consider how local trading can benefit your business. 

In our first year, G-SWAP will hold a number of promotions to grow our local trading network, and there will be no bigger promotion than the one we offer our first 50 Founding Members, who receive:

  • complimentary account set-up 

  • half-priced monthly membership

  • reduced trading fee


And if you join as one of our 50 Founding Members your fees never change, no matter how large G-SWAP's trading network grows.  

Compare our Standard Pricing with our special offer for our first 50 Founding Members.  

Standard Pricing

Account Set-up

(one-time payment)

Monthly Membership



$10 CAD & 10 barter dollars

Here’s what you get:


Advertising: We create a public profile for your business on G-SWAP’s website. Your profile includes your business logo, description of your business and link to your business website, which helps improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. Your business is also listed on G-SWAP’s trade exchange where other members can search by category or name to find you.

Needs assessment: We work with you to determine the goods or services your business will offer on G-SWAP's trade exchange and how best to market them. We also identify your purchasing needs, so we can find the goods and services you want on barter.

Here’s what you get:



Marketing: G-SWAP's trade exchange features your newly added goods and services, so members will quickly see the new items you’re offering. And our  newsletter keep members up-to-date on a weekly basis.

Trading & record keeping: You receive monthly access to G-SWAP's trade exchange where you can make your own trades. We keep records of all your transactions and send you monthly reports.

Growing network: We raise awareness of G-SWAP and continue bringing new members onto the exchange, which means more business for you!

Sell: 7% barter dollars

Buy: 7% CAD

Here’s what you get:


New clients: We channel new clients to you who are interested in the products or services you are offering.

Save money: We bring you services and goods on barter. This saves you cash, grows your business and helps you achieve your professional and personal goals.

Put your feet up: We actively find trades for you and process trades when you’re too busy (or just want to put your feet up!).

Special pricing for G-SWAP's 50 Founding Members

Account Set-up

Monthly Membership


$10 CAD

(payment begins when G-SWAP

reaches 100 members) 


Sell: 6% barter dollars

Buy: 6% CAD*

*Direct-Swaps between members receive an additional discount

Trade what you have, for what you need.
Just under 30 local businesses have already joined us in creating a local trading network. We hope to see you soon!

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