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Connect. Trade. Prosper.

This value statement gets to the core of why G-SWAP exists and what we offer our members.



G-SWAP’s purpose is to bring local businesses together in a mutually beneficial trading network. We connect members online and in-person for the specific purpose of trading their goods, services, knowledge and skills. When you join G-SWAP Trading Network, you will connect with members through an online trading platform and, because G-SWAP is local, you will also have an opportunity to get to know members personally at G-SWAP events.




Prior to launching G-SWAP we reached out to local businesses to understand their trading needs. We learned that numerous businesses in and around Guelph are already bartering, usually one-to-one on a small scale. What if all these businesses were connected and opportunities for trading were increased? That’s the purpose of G-SWAP. We find business owners, like you, who are interested in local trading. We bring everyone together in a trading network, put a trading platform in place so you can trade with members on a much larger scale than what’s possible through one-to-one trading, and we actively help you trade. We get to know the goods, services, and purchasing needs of every member and we find trades that help you reach your goals. In addition, we invite members to G-SWAP events where they have the opportunity to meet each other, build rapport, and enjoy in-person trading!



We aim to make every member better off in three ways:


  • Create new value out of your current resources. We help you turn your unused and underused resources (such as professional time in slow periods and excess inventory often going to waste) into valuable assets that can be traded for the things you need.


  • Reduce your expenses. By trading what you have for what you need, every member reduces their cash expenses. Less money spent on purchases, means more money freed up to grow your business in new ways or to spend on other items you need.


  • Increase and strengthen your local business relationships. Bartering is one of the oldest forms of trade. It creates a relationship between people that is different from conventional cash transactions. That’s part of its value and advantage. G-SWAP offers members the chance to build unique and personal trading relationships through our trade exchange, and our networking events help members get to know each other on a personal level. In addition, all members are based in Guelph and surrounding area, which means all purchases through G-SWAP help support local businesses like yours and keeps the local economy vibrant.

What else? Every G-SWAP Member receives:

  • Personal brokering. We meet with you in person and get to know your business – the goods and/or services you have to trade, and what your purchasing needs are professionally and personally. Getting to know you and your business is an important step that allows us to actively find trades for you.

  • Advertising. Your business will have its own profile on G-SWAP’s website and trade exchange. Your profile will include your business logo, description of you and your business, and a link to your website, which helps to increase your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On the trade exchange your business will be listed by category so other members can find your goods and/or services.

  • Marketing. A trade exchange is nothing without trade! We make sure members hear about your goods and services by featuring new offerings in G-SWAP’s newsletters, on G-SWAP’s trading platform, and we reach out to members directly when they have expressed an interest in the goods and services your business is offering.

  • Online trading. When you become a member, you gain access to G-SWAP’s online trade exchange. Here you can have fun offering your goods and services to members and finding trades for your business and yourself. Once you find something you like, go ahead and trade! Making your own trades with local business owners is part of the fun. Short on time? No problem. We can save you time by doing the trading for you.

  • Record keeping. We record all transactions and send you monthly statements on your sales, purchases, and balances.

  • Invitations to G-SWAP events. You are invited to G-SWAP events where you have an opportunity to meet other members, build rapport, and enjoy a little G-SWAP “speed trading”!

For detailed information on how G-SWAP works, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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