G-SWAP was co-founded by Shasta Carr-Harris and Ramik Akhund. 

Shasta Carr-Harris is an Ontario educator with a background in knowledge exchange and networking. Shasta has a passion for bringing people together to share knowledge, resources and skills. Most recently, Shasta worked at the University of Toronto as a Knowledge Mobilization and Project Manager where she contributed to planning and implementing an Ontario provincial network (KNAER) and a government funded knowledge mobilization project (OERE). During this time, Shasta gained an appreciation for the benefits of community-based networks as well as resource and knowledge sharing at a community level. 

Ramik Akhund has over eight years of project management experience in publishing at Oxford University Press, Karachi and six years of communication experience in retail sales and customer service at Hudson's Bay, Toronto. Ramik holds an MBA degree. 

We wish to thank a number of people and organizations for their assistance. Please see our Special Thanks page.

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